Fried scorpion anyone?

It being autumn, dawn no longer puts in the early appearance it used to.
I had just started working this morning when I heard the familiar clack-clacking of the neighbour’s electrified ‘snake fence’ once again frying something to death.
I knew it wasn’t a tortoise or a cobra this time (see earlier posts), as they are not nocturnal.
Wondering what hapless creature was getting the shock of its life I grabbed a torch and a stick and made my way over to the neighbour’s driveway.
This toasted scorpion had tried to edge its way under the wire. Seems it has had a good summer and was no longer as slim and trim as it used to be.
Good thing we don’t have to pay such an exorbitant price for a little summer overindulgance.
See the video of the execution below:

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Leon Mare

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