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World Water Day emphasises water waste

It’s World Water Day and the theme for this year is “Why waste water?” Here’s a look at how water is distributed in South Africa and the importance of saving water.

World TB Day: Nutrition plays a huge role in combatting TB

With World TB Day on Friday, March 24, a dietitian, research assistant and anti-TB advocate reflects on her own experience of TB to call attention to this disease “that causes so much suffering in this country”. Here’s what you need to know.

Anti-Racism Week: Food is the uniting force around the world

Human beings are very good at discriminating against each other but the one thing we collectively agree on is good food. Just take a look at the origins of different crops and food items that have traveled the world.

Quiz: How prejudiced are you?

Almost everybody harbours preconceived perceptions about one group or another. How can we fight prejudice in society if we are not aware of our own? Take this quiz to find out how prejudiced you are.