Video: Woman interrupted during BBC interview

We have all see the BBC interview where the babies walked in while the father was on camera. But what if it happened to the mother? Original video on Jono and Ben’s YouTube channel.

Video: Peek-a-boo I see you!

This youngster was very inquisitive and decided to take a closer look to see who (or what) was inside this car…

Video: Surfing, Kruger style!

Funny video of a heron doing what looks like surfing, but then… Video courtesy of Kruger Sightings’ YouTube channel.

Video: Baby Elephant playing at the water hole

A baby elephant passes the time by amusing itself in the dust as the adults quench their thirst. Video courtesy of Kruger National Park Video Clips’ YouTube channel.

Video: Baby Elephant throws a tantrum

A baby elephant looking like Bambi on ice. Original video courtesy of A herd of elephant passed in front of us and I caught this baby elephant looking like bambi on ice. Original video on Jukin Media Verified (Original)’s YouTube channel.
Hawk tries to kill cuckoo bird

Video: Hawk tries to kill Cuckoo Bird

This Sparrowhawk did not let his cuckoo counterpart get off lightly in this battle of the birds and at one stage the feathers were literally flying…

Video: Leopards attack giant Rock Python

This Leopard Mother and Cub combination went after a giant Rock Python.The Leopard cub soon gave way for his Mom to take over the attack on the snake. Original video courtesy of Kruger National Park’s YouTube channel.

Video: Elephant shows Rhino who’s boss!

Watch two of Africa’s Big 5 come face to face in an ancient rival standoff… Video courtesy of Kruger Sightings’ YouTube channel