Hard news

Stil reuse van die veld sy lewenswerk

Dr. Sam Ferreira van die Kruger Wildtuin se boek is vol van sy wedervaringe tussen diere soos olifante, krokodille en robbe. Tussen die anekdotes vleg ‘n goue draad van leer-terwyl-jy-ervaar.

Chimp rescued during Ebola epidemic finds a home

A Liberian baby chimp that was saved from the bush-meat trade and then later, from a crowd with wrong perceptions around Ebola, finally found a home with South Africans living in Liberia.

Violent society tied to trauma in kids

It appears as if the PTSD and depression symptoms of children and teenagers is on the increase. Physical and sexual assault are but two of the reasons.

Tracking and patrols game-changer for anti-poaching

Tracking and patrolling by an anti-poaching team is a dedicated and skillful application of years of experience. This team works with the rangers of the Kruger National Park on the border with Mozambique to see that poachers’ exits and entrances can be used as an opportunity to see to their arrests.