Game rangers, poachers and love

Fans of ex-Lowvelder, Dr Leon Mare, can now read one of his first books in a brand new jacket. The expert blogger’s first novel, Dying is not Easy, has recently been re-published as Poacher.

Poacher is the first book in the Sam Jenkins trilogy, which follows the exploits of Kruger National Park ranger, Sam Jenkins. Therein the sworn bachelor finally falls in love and is living a contented life with an adoring fiancée. This is threatened when Linda, a woman intent on having him for her own, enters the picture. The action-packed romantic thriller gives readers a look at real life in Africa as well as a glimpse into the illegal trade in rhino horn and ivory.

The book was first published in London in 1996 as a paperback but did not receive commercial success. In 2011 Mare decided to revive the book by rewriting it and changing the name. He also dusted off three other manuscripts to be completed.

The first of the three neglected manuscripts turned into Cheetah in the Rain, which presents readers with more romance, action and danger involving Sam Jenkins.

Fighting AIDS is the conclusion of the Sam Jenkins Trilogy. Here the AIDS-virus has undergone a mutation and communities are fighting for survival. Sam Jenkins has settled in Skukuza and formed an isolated community striving to be self-sufficient. At first his views are not shared by Kurt Waldeck, the ruler of Nelspruit, but with resources dwindling, Waldeck has no other choice but to change tactics.

Mare’s fourth book Show me a Reason introduces the reader to Michelle Montagne, a brilliant and beautiful woman who struggles against fate.

All four of these books were published electronically by Smashwords in 2012 and are available at various e-book stores.

Mare says it was at this stage that he found second-hand copies of Dying is not Easy being sold from time to time on Amazon and other e-book stores for up to $1680.

The books are currently only available in electronic format but Mare would like to publish hard copies. However, due to time constraints he hasn’t been able to look for an interested publisher.

Mare has been an avid blogger since 16 July this year and enjoys entertaining his readers. According to BlogSpot he already has more than 1,5 million Facebook likes.

He says that he is trying his hardest to start working on his next book “but the blog has stolen my life.”

Retha Nel

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