Outside my old front door

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Please don’t shy away from me
Because of my white hair,
The cane I carry in my hand,
And the deaf aid in my ear.
My teeth no longer are my own
My eyes no longer see,
But God equipped me with a brain,
With that I am set free.

I may be resting in a chair,
Or laying down in bed,
But in my mind I`m still a girl,
And far from being dead.
Life can be cruel, it can be kind
For most there is no choice
But thinking back I made a plan
And listened to Gods voice.

The memories keep flooding in
And no matter how I try
I can`t forget my salad days,
The how where when…and why’s
The boys were queuing at my door
And climbing over walls,
For just a glimpse of my red hair,
Streets echoed with their calls.

I wore a dark green party dress
And danced away the night,
George Tom and Harry, Ned and Bill
Their strong arms held me tight.
They courted me, each one in turn,
We kissed caressed…and more
What stories there are to tell
Outside my old front door.

I had the choice, a score or more
Of beau’s. That fell in love with me,
I broke a lot of hearts as well,
And one belonged to me.
War came and took the one I loved
A devastating blow,
We loved, we laughed, we cried as well…
Alas! He had to go.

The telegram came late at night,
Signed sealed, addressed to me,
Tears filled my eyes, there was no doubt,
I didn`t need to see.
I knew the message written there,
And the wives that lost their spouse,
I cursed the Country, God and man,
My Church, my road, my house.

Don’t think those memories ever fade,
I live them every day,
The only way I can survive
Is kneel down to God and pray.
I’m still that girl in the dark green dress
With an orchid in her hair
There are perhaps ten thousand more,
Dear God yes….they’re everywhere…..

Geoffrey Kennell

Geoffrey Kennell
Off the cuff

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