Lowvelder.co.za turns one!

MBOMBELA – Lowvelder’s website, lowvelder.co.za recently turned one year old. The website went live on August 30, 2013, and have since grown to be almost four times as popular.

From about 50 000 page views in its first month, the site now reaches approximately 200 000 page views per month, forming the bulk of Lowveld Media’s combined monthly average of over 300 000 page views. Lowvelder’s Facebook page has also surpassed 10 000 likes.

Readers in the Lowveld might still remember Looklocal Lowveld, one of about 40 regional Looklocal websites and lowvelder.co.za’s predecessor. “Initially launched in 2011, the offering has grown in popularity and since then both consumers and advertisers have requested more functionality from the site which has led to the upgrade and relaunch,” says Marc du Plessis, general manager at NAB Digital.

This relaunch of Looklocal meant that 83 hyper local sites were launched, including lowvelder.co.za and sister websites, which now integrate into the new looklocal.co.za.

The Caxton CTP group of which Lowveld Media forms part, continues to revamp its digital platforms and the group’s Caxton Local News websites now offer readers international news along with their favourite local news. The launch of international news, provided by Agence France-Presse, aims to keep our readers informed of events around the world by means of a one-stop solution.

International, business, offbeat, science and tech news from across the globe are now available on your local news website! Visit any of Lowveld Media’s eight news websites to keep up to date with everything from local news, school news, additional galleries and events to what’s happening in the rest of the world, all on your favourite local news site.

Lowvelder.co.za thanks it’s loyal readers for their ongoing visits!


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15 things you should know about Lowveld Media


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