Monday blues – they just don’t suit you.

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MBOMBELA – Today can be a great day.  Be one step ahead this week and beat the Monday blues with our guide to thriving on a Monday.

The universal fear of Mondays seem to have taken social media by storm.  Sullen puppy and kitten faces with speech bubbles that exclaim “I hate Mondays!” has many of us agreeing to approach the week with a bad attitude before it has even started.

This may seem easier said than done when your cellphone has probably been bombarded by a few sad-but-true Monday jokes.  Before you decide to forward them, give yourself a good old pep-talk and resolve to get ahead this week by starting your Monday right.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself if there is any specific assignment on your table that is causing the uneasy feeling that is associated with Monday morning blues.  It is very likely that your answer to this question will point to the task that you need to start your week with.  Be sure to tackle the challenge head-on.  A solved problem will give you momentum for the rest of the week.

Use your tea break or lunch hour to plan your week ahead.  If you have already done that, take a look at the events lined up for the week and determine which events you look forward to.  Then do exactly that: look forward to the fun activities that lie ahead.  If you have not scheduled a fun event for this week, this is your que to call up friends and family and organise a movie night or even a cocktail or two.

Resolve to get enough sleep during this week and make it your priority to stick to this rule.  You will be able to do more and you will feel better about life in general.  Knowing that getting enough rest is now a priority may even take some weight off of your shoulders.

Cultivating a grateful attitude will elevate your mood and empower you to do good for other people.  The positive effect of gratefulness combined with the satisfaction of doing someone else a favour might even make your week.  Start small – a smile may just change someone’s day.  Take a good look at your surroundings and realise how fortunate you are.  Then take your gratitude and “pay-it-forward.” You will feel enlightened.

Monday blues can be greatly prevented by going the extra mile on a Friday afternoon.  Although it may be tempting to sit back and stare at your computer screen for an odd hour or two on a Friday afternoon, resolve to make this coming Friday a productive one.

You’ll be thanking yourself in a week.

Helene Eloff
Court Reporter

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