Six alternatives to enjoying a beer


Meet the beer cocktail. Some of these drinks are classic and will be familiar to readers, and some are obscure inventions. Why not try one of these during the hot lazy days of December?

1. Green Mamba: Add a shot glass filled with peppermint liqueur to a draft beer or lager. Lower it slowly to the bottom of the glass and sip together. It is okay if it spills out and mixes with the beer though. Refreshing!

The Runbler and a Green Mamba.

The Runbler and a Green Mamba.

2. Rumbler: This consists of adding a shot of dark rum to a glass of milk stout. It is sweet but strong, as the dark colour will warn you. Sip at your leisure or down at your peril.

3. The Lenny: Fill a short glass halfway with equal parts milk stout and Coca-Cola. Add a shot of Jägermeister and enjoy!

The Lenny.

The Lenny.

4. Soweto Bomb: Make a Jäger Bomb but replace the Red Bull with a Black Label beer.

5. Gorch: The name may be made up. It sees the drinking of a double shot of vodka being chased with the same amount of beer. A Russian twist indeed.

6) Shandy is a classic. Mix equal parts beer with Sprite or lemonade. Alternatively try an alcoholic soda like Smirnoff Ice. Diluting the beer allows the drinker to partake of the refreshment slower.

Mireille de Villiers

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