Spahn family reacts to torture death of husky

According to the Spahn family this goat was killed by Kotze's dogs on October 24, 2014

WHITE RIVER – The brutal killing of Max, the beloved husky, that was tortured for an hour until he finally drowned in his own blood created a uproar on social media networks on Friday.

Late yesterday the Spahn family however reacted to the allegations made against them by their neighbour, Mr Marius Kotze. Kotze accused Mr Sphan and two of his workers of killing his dog after the latter had allegedly bitten one of Sphan’s goats on the leg.

According to the Spahns Kotze’s dogs have been terrorising them for the past few months.

“We have a few goats and a pig which browse in the fenced land ajacent to Kotze’s property. Since October 2014, our neighbour’s dogs have been marauding on our property, attacking and killing our animals,” the Spahns saidin a statement.

According to them one of their goats was eaten alive by two of Kotze’s dogs on October 24.
“In the course of two months, these two dogs had continuously attacked our animals, killing another goat and maiming “Piggy”. We tried to reach out several times to the Kotzes in an attempt to resolve this issue but they ignored us, despite their knowledge that their dogs were “naughty”, as their staff put it during one of our attempts to address the problem,” the statements reads.

According to the Spahns they had fixed the fence, locked the animals in their pen, removed their goats from their pasture and intervened at all hours of the day to prevent another impeding killing – all to no avail.

Spahn said on December 28 they again heard their goat screaming in anguish and found the dogs in their goat pen. In the statement they said they did not catch the dogs and took them to their property – the dogs were already inside attacking their goats.

“In the process of freeing our goats, being at our wit’s end and in the face of constants attacks on our animals on our property, fearing for our own security in the face of these aggressive, proven killer animals, and with a negligent neighbour unconcerned about the welfare of our animals and our security, we mortally wounded one dog.

According to the statement, the goat wounded on December 28 which led to the attack on Max, had to be put down due to its injuries.

“We extend our condolences to the Kotze family, as in resolving this threat to our animals, security and property we have unfortunately taken a cherished life. We are also grieving the loss of three of our goats – one of which was heavily pregnant,” they concluded.

According to the Spahns the SAPS and the SPCA had already been informed and involved and due process will follow its course.

Lowvelder approached Kotze for comment on the Spahns’ statement on Saturday. Kotze said the only time he had received a message from the Spahn family was when they pasted a note onto his gate asking him to turn down his music.

“We had come across each other on several occasions and not once did he mention the problem. On the day of the killing Spahn heard me begging for Max’s life and still he didn’t do a thing.”

Kotze added it was difficult to believe that they had killed Max in the spur of the moment as the room where the killing took place was about 200m to 300m from the goat pen.

The alleged grieving of the loss of three goats was also a bitter pill for Kotze to swallow. “They often slaughter goats and hang the carcasses up in the trees,” Kotze concluded.

Lowvelder is still awaiting comment from the SPCA. The local police yesterday confirmed they were investigating two cases of animal cruelty. AO Gugu Phiri, communications officer for the SAPD, confirmed that both neighbours had opened a case of animal cruelty against each other.

The Spahn family told Lowvelder that they as well as Kotze had been advised not to communicate with or victimise the other party. “As you know the police and the SPCA are already involved in this case and they have advised Mr Kotze and ourselves not to communicate with nor to victimise the other party, a warning which Mr Kotze has not heeded judging by the Facebook posts we have seen and the subsequent responses, threats to our business and even death threats. I would have preferred that due process with the SPCA and SAPS ran its course, but we now feel we have to respond to this one-sided storytelling.” They added they had received a mountain of abusive and threatening SMSes and emails.

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