Nine ways in which coconut oil will change your life

Coconut oil is nature's best (and cheapest) moisturiser.

We have become so accustomed to using butter, oil and mainstream chemicals for our daily necessities. However, there are natural substitutes that are not only healthier but cost a fraction of the price.

Coconut oil is one of the most remarkable foods that can help you lose weight, nourish your skin and even remove your make-up.

Here are nine ways you never knew you could use coconut oil.

1. Make-up remover

Forget harsh chemicals that don’t remove all your mascara (not to mention the deep burn). Coconut oil removes eye make-up in one easy swipe while leaving your skin moisturised.

2. Butter substitute

Really? Are you still spreading a lump of cholesterol on your toast each morning?

3. Massage oil

After a long day at the office, nothing eases the tension better than a good foot or shoulder rub. Coconut oil has the perfect consistency and texture for a relaxing massage.

4. Hair treatment

When heated up just a bit, coconut oil serves as a moisture-intense hair treatment without making your hair too oily to go to work the next day. In fact, when combined with avocado, beauty experts say this is better than any treatment you will find in the salon.

5. Shaving cream

Because of the lightness of the oil it will not make your razor blunt. It just creates a moisturising layer on your skin to help the razor glide across your skin.

6. Body lotion or diaper cream

Many body lotions are filled with parabens and other harmful chemicals that you are not aware of. Coconut oil contains none of that and still works better than anything you will find on a store’s shelf.

7. Cooking oil

Oh, yes. Let us not forget one of its most obvious uses. Replace sunflower oil and butter for a more healthy and delicious meal.

8. Sunscreen

Coconut oil has a natural SPF of 7. Who knew? If you forgot to apply it before playing cricket on the beach for hours, use it as a healing and moisturising after-sun treatment.

9. Lip balm

Coconut oil loves cracked lips. Apply generously before going to bed and witness the softness in the morning.

Marinette Potgieter

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