Irma Green says goodbye

Dear Lowvelder readers:

How on earth does one encapsulate the experience I’ve had over the past 25 years at Lowveld Media? It is virtually impossible, but one thing remains true, I have never had a dull moment!

I kicked off my career as a junior reporter in August 1991 but never imagined that I would stay this long. The question people have asked me frequently over the years has been, “Why didn’t you ever move on to the big city?”

Well, for starters I came from the big city after my studies and a short career in Pretoria and then I fell in love with what the Lowveld offered. We never ran out of stories and while some were doom and gloom, it was writing about the extraordinary people of the Lowveld with their unique talents and attributes that made my work exciting.

Why would you even consider leaving if you had so much fun? Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Let’s not lie to one another, working in a deadline environment is stressful and a constant adrenaline rush. Not always the best recipe for good health, but I will choose it again tomorrow if I had to.

I want to thank the staff that I have worked with over the years. First of all the current editorial team who is made up of loyal, hard working people who have gone beyond what is expected of them. We have faced tough times the past two months, but they rose above the challenge and showed immense strength and character. You made it possible for me to end on a high note.

I respect each and every one of you. My colleagues at Lowveld Media are such a diverse mixture of characters and personalities. The dynamics of our little community have been joyful and entertaining to say the least and I am happy that I will still be able to have a “taste” of it in my new position.

Some of the finest journalists and editors in our country took their first steps at Lowveld Media and it has been an honour to be part of their journeys.

I want to give a big shout out to Lowvelder readers, the community and our business partners who have supported me (and our business) for so many years. We don’t always get it right and then we have to make right by you, but we will always value you.

A journalist/editor is only as good as his/her sources. Thank you to the many sources who have crossed my path who entrusted me with information that was in the public’s interest, and that needed exposure. I am still around and only a phone call away!

On January 4, Vivian Attwood will take over as new captain of the ship.

With 30 years’ experience in the industry and a career in local newspapers, mainstream and Sunday publications and magazines, Vivian is well qualified for her new challenge. She has a strong sense for community and will see to it that Lowvelder maintains its goal and vision to be a true watchdog of the beautiful Lowveld, while maintaining the high standards we pride ourselves in.

And what will I do? As newly appointed national group editor: Caxton Local Newspapers, I will serve and support our stable of 140 newspapers across the country. Being able to do so while still living in the Lowveld is a bonus!

May you have a joyful festive time and on behalf of myself and the staff of Lowveld Media travel safe! Until next time.

Irma Green
Group Editor

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