Send those burglars back!

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MBOMBELA – We’ve uncovered some tips to ward off would-be burglars that won’t put an unnecessary strain while you are away at work or on vacation.

1. Avoid putting your valuable items on the window

According to Nico Grobler from Hi-Tech Security, burglars are more likely to target your home when obvious signs of valuables are present. Also if you have got an expensive car or other toys like a motorcycle or boat, stowing them in the garage or somewhere out of sight may help you fly under a thief’s radar.

2. Install an alarm

Grobler also said the company also finds that people do not activate their alarms when they go out during day time, and the criminals exploit this. Test your alarm system weekly so that you are sure it is in working order. Ask your security company to assist with this. Report any suspicious activity to your security company and in extreme cases to SAPS.

3. Build a relationship with your neighbours

Knowing your neighbours is very important because they are your nearest back-up. Neighbours can keep an eye on your property while you are away on vacation and may alert the police should they become suspicious of any activities near your home.

4. Avoid leaving your spare key under the mat

Most burglars are aware that home owners leave their spare keys under their doormat.

5. Add a dog to your family

Burglars hate dogs because they make ‘unnecessary’ noise. Although keeping and maintaining a dog might prove to be an expensive activity it can be a worth cause. You can also put a “beware of dog” sign on your gate.

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