Five ways to liven up your home this winter

We all crave the comfort of a cosy, well-designed home- and as the seasons change, we often feel the urge to change things up by redecorating. But it is hard to know where to put your money to get the most bang for your buck. How can we update our homes while bypassing major renovations?

With a little creative thinking and can-do spirit, you can accomplish a lot on a shoestring when it comes to decorating your home on a budget. Here are five relatively budget-friendly ways to refresh your home while making your money go a little further. Once done decorating, be sure to insure your precious household items.

1. Clean and reduce clutter
A clean house is a peaceful house- so if that is all you have time for, go for it. Put a bowl of colourful fruit or fresh flowers on your dining room table and call it a day.

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You could also pull out all those books you are never going to read, all those CDs that are almost useless nowadays or any clothing you are ready to part with and donate or sell them. This will definitely make you feel refreshed. No need to discard your precious collectibles, but choosing your favourites and displaying them in organised groups will do wonders for the soul.



2. Decorate seasonally

Everyone at some point gets bored with their decorations. Breathe new life into your home a few times a year by introducing a new colour scheme or updating ornaments.

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Think about what a season means to you and put it on display. Family photos can also be changed to reflect the season. By adding a new accent colour you can modernise the look of any room without the commitment of a redesign.

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If your upholstery needs some reinvention, invest in slipcovers or a new fabric. Change up your bedding or window dressings. If your dining room table is a hand-me-down, buy a trendy tablecloth and accessorise in the same palette.

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3. Rearrange/replace one piece of furniture
This might not come naturally to everyone the first time- but, with some trial and error, your space will feel rejuvenated by mixing up the furniture.

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Donate or sell a piece that you are ready to part with and find a good replacement.


If the skeleton of your old furniture is in good shape, consider reupholstering or refinishing it instead of shopping for a new piece.

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But, it is not always the cheaper option  – sometimes there is more value in buying something new. Consider how much you are willing to spend. Replacing area rugs or coffee tables are some of the most effective ways to change an entire room.

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4. Cabinetry: Update drawer pulls and door handles
A kitchen or bathroom can easily become dated with old-fashioned, worn and dirty handle pulls and knobs. Replacing these is really easy to do, and there are numerous finishes from which to choose such as bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless.

kitchen-cabinet-door-handles-kitchen-knobs-red-rose-band-for-kitchen-cabinets-door-handles-ideas (Medium)

With so many modern choices on the market it may be difficult to decide what best suits your home. If unsure, you could always buy one or two different styles to see what works best. There are not really any steadfast rules to choosing cabinet pulls and knobs. Essentially, a country kitchen can look chic and updated with very modern stainless knobs, while a modern kitchen can look cool and eclectic with more vintage-style ones.

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5. A splash of paint
A fresh coat can give your drab, washed-out walls a burst of brilliant depth (or wash away your decorating sins with virgin white).


If you do not want to go all the way, first try to create an accent wall – it will add a focal point and interesting dimension to the space without being overwhelming. Choose a colour that is still in the same palette as the rest of the room.

While you do not have to be a pro to learn how to paint like one, there is more to a good paint job than just slathering some colour on the wall. It might be a good idea to watch a couple of online tutorials before splashing at it – or tackling the ceiling.


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