Dreamers, dream catchers and dream makers

Chrissie Hansen, Sandra Jacobs and Daleen Mulder.

MBOMBELA – Sometimes, to make a dream a reality, you need the dreamer, the dream catcher and a dream maker. Chrissie Hansen had a dream, Sandra Jacobs, media marketing director for Innibos received her dream and Daleen Mulder, director of Bedmat made it a reality.

Hansen entered the Innibos Dream Big Competition. This year the festival undertook to make as many dreams as they were old – 13 – come true. She submitted a letter stating how at this stage in her life, her greatest dream was just to be able to dream. Her biggest wish was to have a lovely dream on a brand-new mattress.

The women came together at the Bedmat premises at Riverside Industrial Park on Monday for the handover of a new double-bed mattress – to sleep and dream on.

“Dreams are the nicest experiences, whether you are daydreaming or having one at night in your sleep,” she said. “My old mattress keeps me up all night and I keep tossing and turning.”

“I have a job, but I still have to budget and try to get through each month so it is still difficult to keep my head above water.”

Jacobs said the story caught her eye. “She mentioned how important it is to dream and I knew immediately I could contact Daleen to help make it a reality,” she said.

Jacobs added that Innibos had been running the competition since January and had over 500 entries. “We are still in the process of making dreams come true, so we urge businesses to contact us to help more of them come true,” she concluded.

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