When Cinderbella gets divorced

Candice and Deanne Kim.

WHITE RIVER – When your prince charming turns out to be a toad, let go and find yourself again through art. This describes what inspired author Deanne Kim to write the books When Cinderbella gets divorced and The Cracked Slipper.

Speaking to an audience at the Lowveld Book Festival on Saturday, Kim gave a peek into her personal life which has transpired into two books.

“I grew up thinking that my life would be like a Grimm fairy tale and I would be married and live happily ever after. This did not happen after I got divorced and these books are about the healing process I discovered on the way,” said Kim.

Art therapy helped her unleash the senses of life. “Art gives us a visual expression on what to say and there is no right or wrong answers.

“I had to discover the real me so it was a journey of the self I undertook. My books offer insight into my trials and also offers self-help guides for those confronted with similar problems.”

Kim also spoke about her mother’s life and how she had been an inspiration to her throughout her life. “My mother has survived stage three cancer. She has been an anchor for me,” she added.

Kim explained that the books epitomised how you could not understand someone else’s pain if you haven’t experienced the pain yourself. She holds art therapy sessions in Kaapsehoop where she resides.

She read out a poem about motherhood:

Time is like a thief

That vanishes into the blackness of the night,

Skillfully stealing precious jewels of life’s breath.

We walked alongside,

You’re much older now,

And yes, so am I.

Your arm around my aged body,

Time has passed us by.

Your eyes shine like virgin diamonds

Uncut by life’s scars

Your blood is of mine

But your soul is ever free.

Where did time go?

You so silently became woman

Only yesterday I bathed and held you

To my breast.

We laugh

As we share

The memories of history

But silently

I suppress a tear

A tear that yearns

To hold onto this memory.

“Mother, my mother”,

you whisper my name lovingly,

“Let time be time,

A season of death and birth,

Soon I will be same as you,

But for now let’s stop

the stars and moon

Dance with me as we

Reconnect time.”

Tereasa Dias

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