Dumbledore’s Army, Hoërskool Bergvlam’s group of bookworms

Sally Etsebeth and Raquel Barreto, co-heads of Dumbledore's Army.

MBOMBELA – Last week was National Book Week and pupils from Hoërskool Bergvlam’s book club are working hard to improve access to all the publications.

Calling themselves Dumbledore’s Army, the group of bookworms meet once a week to talk about the books they are reading, and keep record of them by using the library system and the Dewey Decimal Classification.

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When books are made into films, they organise movie afternoons to watch it together.
However, the members are also enthusiastic about future projects and growing the Bergvlam Book Club into a full media/library centre.

They have also launched a project whereby they collect children’s books for a less-privileged school. Once they have collected enough books, these will be handed over to a school of their choice.

As part of the outreach programme they also supported the Exclusive #buy_a_book campaign last week by donating good reads. The members are also writing a book.

Each pupil writes a chapter and then passes it on to another member to write the next one. They are very excited about this book.

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Sally Etsebeth and Raquel Barreto, co-heads of Dumbledore’s Army, said they have learned a lot during this process – especially not to get too attached to a character in the book, as the next person might write your character out of the story or bring him or her back.

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