Advantages of Solar Power

After the initial once-off payment has been made and the system is up and running, you will be saving money. We provide a ROI (Return On Investment) table which details the current costs of the electricity supply from the main utility grid and gives you a breakdown as to how long the system will take to pay itself off, as well as the savings you will be making in the process. Speak to a Solar4Life sales consultant in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

With the correctly sized solar system, you will be able to power your entire household or alternatively the items that you require to be powered in the case of a supply interruption from the main utility grid.

Solar PV systems require little maintenance and are made of durable materials, therefore enabling you to have years of trouble-free power on your premises.

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The power generated by a solar PV system can be stored for use on the overcast or rainy days and, if your system is one of a grid-tied nature and your local municipality allows, you may be able to feed the excess power generated back into the main utility grid.

A solar PV system is totally environmentally friendly as it is clean, green energy and enables you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar PV systems are quiet. Some solar PV systems are able to generate enough power to supply your premises for a couple of days. Having a solar PV system can increase the value of your home should you wish to sell it in the future.


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