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snake1_42574In the article “Snake halts Hazyview licensing operations”, published on December 23, Lowvelder reported how the Hazyview licensing office was closed on December 19 after a snake was spotted inside.

After security guards alerted officials that they saw a snake, it was said there was no snake. This surprised the officials and clients because no one was brave enough to enter the office and determine this for a fact.

What is painful is that the “top officials” who were supposed to worry about the safety of those on duty were the very same people who tried to force them back into their offices to deliver services.

The worst part is that the licensing department is always in the spotlight. What about the other sections which were also affected?

People’s lives are more important than money and municipal services. The officials were there because they love their job but no one has the right to force anyone back into their offices if they feel unsafe.

Even now they don’t feel safe there as it was not the first time snakes or other problems have reared their heads. Yet, not one of the “top officials” visited to find out what was happening.

Why are we so concerned about the services and careless about the officials who might get hurt? Employer, take care of your employees and they will take care of clients and deliver the services the public is expecting from you.

• The City of Mbombela Local Municipality did not respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.



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