Reader’s Letter: Ensure water security by harvesting rainwater

Most parts of the country are currently receiving much-needed rain. This is welcome as the country is having serious water-supply challenges due to the ravaging drought.

It is thus crucial that we make good use of the rainwater and do not let it go to waste. We need to be innovative and harvest as much rainwater as possible for household use.

The recent rain has not made much of a difference in improving the water levels of dams and rivers. It will still take some time and serious long spells of rainfall to return to acceptable levels. Rainwater harvesting during these days can play a major role in relieving our water sources of the stress of supplying our communities.

This will ensure that we do not overstress the available resources and allow the rivers and dams to accumulate more water and increase in levels as we will be using less water from the municipal supply lines.

Rainwater harvesting also provides financial benefits for consumers as it reduces bills along with the water used.

Harvesting rainwater is not expensive and anyone can do it. Use any available container to collect and store it. As the Department of Water and Sanitation points out, approximately 2 270 litres of water can be harvested from 25 millimetres of rain on a 92-square-metre roof.

It is also crucial that we continue preaching and practising water conservation as it is the most crucial aspect in our water-scarce country.

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