Fireworks in Mbombela: What the law says

MBOMBELA – It is against the law to discharge fireworks in Mbombela.

It is allowed only on three special days, and then only during certain times and in certain places.

These are New Year’s Eve (18:00 to 01:00), Chinese New Year (18:00 to 22:00) and Diwali (18:00 to 22:00).

Fireworks are a nuisance in terms of noise and cruelty to animals.

Permission to organise a fireworks display need to be obtained from the Fire Department. Once obtained, people must be made aware of the planned event.

Selling fireworks

The sale and use of fireworks are regulated in terms of Explosives Regulations made under section 30 of the Explosives Act, 1956 (Act No 26 of 1956).

Fireworks may only be sold to the public by licensed retail fireworks dealers. A valid licence must be kept on the premises.

A dealer may not sell any fireworks to a person under the apparent age of 16 years.

Incidents and accidents involving fireworks must be reported to the nearest SAPS.

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  • Shop goods or consumer fireworks are sold directly to the public by licensed retail fireworks dealers. Such fireworks are not liable to explode violently and may be bought by any person above the age of 16 years for personal use on private premises.
  • Professional or display fireworks are sold by licensed importers to registered pyrotechnicians in possession of firework display permits, and may not be used by the public. Such fireworks require demarcated safety areas during use, where spectators can observe spectacular displays from a safe distance.
  • Illegal fireworks may not be used by the public. They are Chinese crackers longer than 100 mm, round or square firecrackers, commonly known as “Indian Kings”. “Classic Foils”, “Bullet Bombs”, “Square Bombs”, “Cherry Bombs”; and match crackers are not allowed.


lf there is any doubt as to the safety or legality of any fireworks please contact the police on 10111 or 076-731-6431. 

Contact the fire department on 013-753-3331.

Mireille de Villiers

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