Buco employees strike

MBOMBELA – The employees of the Nelspruit Buco branch were under the impression that their union was negotiating wage increases on their behalf, but according to the Buco manager, Mr Pottie Potgieter, Amcu did not show up. He claims the union is also not communicating with Buco management nor their members.

Around 36 employees were striking outside the branch, demanding a wage increase from R2500 to R6500. Some told Lowvelder that they had been working for the same wages on temporary contracts for more than five years.

Aside from increases, the workers voiced issues of overtime and working on Saturdays without pay. Potgieter voiced concern for his employees.

“We treat our employees well and adhere to the labour law, as they all have legal and fair permanent contracts,” he said.

“Amcu does not answer calls from their members, and do not attend meetings. They all want to be part of a union that keeps failing them.”

According to Potgieter, the strike was not arranged properly by the union, “The original notice of the strike for the Mbombela and Middelburg branches stated the strike would happen on March 10, and nothing happened. I repeatedly asked my staff if they were going to strike, and they denied it. Today, they are striking.”

“They will not speak to us, they think their union will handle negotiations. Their union will not speak to us. Our human resources department tried to communicate with them and they are not cooperating.”

Buco was open for business, with no interruptions in their business day.

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Elbi Dippenaar

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