Dramatic display as relay boxes go up in flames

Photo by Wouter Serfontein.

MBOMBELA – Two electricity relay boxes in Norma Street, which presumably short-circuited on Sunday night, not only made a for a visual spectacle, but also caused a stir in the community.
Crackling sounds echoed throughout Sonheuwel, while the resulting fire sent sparks flying. A big plume of smoke illuminated by the sparks and flames, was visible for hundreds of metres.
The fire lasted for at least 10 minutes, before it finally died down, leaving residents without electricity for the remainder of their Sunday night.

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According to nearby resident and avid photographer, Mr Wouter Serfontein, one box caught fire followed by the other shortly after.
Fire extinguisher-wielding residents gathered to assist, and various security companies rushed to the scene.
However, the fire was too severe, and they had to keep a distance and watch helplessly as the circuit relay boxes burnt to the ground.

Here is a video taken by Willie Engelbrecht:

Mr Braam Oosthuizen had meanwhile contacted the Mbombela Fire Department, which allegedly told him that they do not have a map and do not know where Norma Street is.
Even after the electric at fire had subsided, there was still no sign of the fire department.
Head of the fire department, Mr Johan von Weidtz, said the allegation would be investigated once an official complaint has been received from Oosthuizen.

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