Reward yourself on World Sleep Day today!

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The theme of this year’s World Sleep Day on 17 March is “Sleep soundly, nurture life”, flagging up how vital a good night’s sleep is for our physical and mental well-being.

Everyone will be sleep-deprived at some point in their lives – it’s unavoidable. Though it isn’t exactly uncommon to have a sleepless night, insomnia and back-pains should not be taken up lightly; there is a high correlation between chronic insomnia and heart disease and depression, which can even decrease life expectancy.

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Ask yourself: When did you start having these problems? When have you last replaced your mattress? See a connection? If you have consulted professionals, left your beloved cup of Joe and incorporated a myriad of healthy habits yet still struggle, the reason may be closer that you think.

“Do you wake up in the mornings with pains or stiffness in the body? Then your mattress is not offering you the comfort and support you need,” says Donovan Everitt, owner of the Cape Town mattress company Attica Beds.

Though your mattress will thin out slightly in the first six to 24 months, if the surface becomes uneven, the structure may have given in. And suffice it to say, bumps and lumps should not be felt either. Sometimes your mattress causes a whole other set of issues. “If you have recently experienced an unexplainable skin reaction and you have had your mattress for five years or more, we leave it to you to identify the guilty party,” Everitt states.

Dead skin cells and oil, as well as moisture, builds up over the years and invites bacteria and even bedbugs – and this to the place you lay your head. It is possible to prevent this by putting the mattress in the sun every now and then, but that will only last that long. If your mattress has a strange smell or dark/mouldy spots, it is officially a health risk!

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Life is too short for your beauty sleep to be disturbed – invest in a good night’s rest and the relief it will ensue.

Jonothan Hen-Boisen
Digital Content Creator

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