The dangers of getting ‘Cheeky’ on social media

#CheekyExploits – originally an Instagram fad and now all over Facebook as well – has a catchphrase:

“Making the world happier through butts,”

Trust me when I say that THIS IS A BAD IDEA.

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Although distributing your bum is probably not as bad as distributing your private parts, it remains a form of public indecent exposure. This is a criminal offence that exists not only at the time of the picture being taken, but is extended online. This online distribution factor will count against you if you get arrested and end up standing trial for your butt flashing.

Another NSFW (Not safe for work) trend that has been cropping up on social media recently is the one-finger selfie challenge.

The concept stems from an illustration by Japanese anime artist, Sky-Freedom, which shows a nude girl using one finger reflected in a mirror to cover both her breasts and private parts, and now women across the world are trying to bring the cartoon to life by recreating the image and sharing it online.

Original japanese anime manga version of the One-finger selfie challenge by anime artist, Sky-Freedom

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Partaking in either challenge may violate the code of conduct of wherever you are taking the picture.

If you are under 18, don’t even think about it. Creating, keeping and sharing an image of your butt may qualify as the creation, hoarding and distribution of child pornography.

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If you make such images available to children under 18, you are trespassing a moral line.

And lastly, once that photo is online, it is out of your control. Fancy your boss firing your ass because of your ass? I think not.

Helene Eloff
Legal Adviser & Journalist

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