Giraffe battle heats up blow by blow

Giraffe battles are slow in the beginning but really hots up in the end.

SKUKUZA – To the surprise of Londoner Mr Chris O’Hagan he came across two giraffes on the road from Orpen to Satara in the Kruger National Park (KNP) having a giraffe battle.

These gentle giants can have quite brutal fights slamming each other with their necks.

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Male giraffes rarely fight each other, but during mating season, when males compete for the attention of females, they have been known to give a good display of their fighting skills.

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“It was so special for me because I too have become a Krugerholic since my first trip 12 years ago with my now wife and her family. I’m from London. They are from Pretoria and are really bush lovers. We annually go to the KNP and we have seen many amazing sightings,” says O’Hagan.

He had previously only seen this on documentaries.

“To see it right in front of us was amazing and quite shocking. The force is amazing!”


Elize Parker
Environmental Journalist Lowvelder

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