Lowvelder to climb active volcano in the name of House Tamar


MBOMBELA – A local woman is volunteering to face volcanic bombs in support of fellow Eve’s who are abused.

Louise Andrews will soon be embarking on a journey to climb an active volcano in South America to raise funds for the newly established House Tamar.

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Past Leanie Erasmus, who is responsible for the City Changer Social Services (CCSS) programme which is run from the Communio Church property, explained that they are in the process of opening the safe house where battered women and their children can be safe.

“We are aware that Child Welfare takes care of children, and GRIP takes care of women, but there is a need for a safe haven where women can go and take their children with them, so that they are not separated,” she said.

Andrews decided to climb Cotopaxi when some of her friends invited her to do so.

She decided to give her trip more meaning and purpose by initiating fund-raising for Huis Tamar at the same time, as it is a cause very close to her heart.

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Cotopaxi is an active stratovolcano in the Andes Mountains and, at 5 897 metres, the second highest summit in Ecuador.

“I realised it would be a great way to motivate people to donate money towards House Tamar. I am not sure about moving mountains, but I will try climbing one! I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Andrews, who will cover the total cost of the journey herself.

This will definitely not be a walk in the park as possible risks include altitude sickness, the volcano erupting, snow storms and even avalanches. Nevertheless, Andrews is positive that everything will go well and according to plan.

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The location of House Tamar is a secret, as a safety precaution.

“If a woman is running away from an abusive husband, the home will be a safe space where she will not be found. The only way to be placed there is to come to the church first and speak with me,” Erasmus explained.

Donors who request to see the house will also be vetted extensively, to ensure the safety measurements are not breached.

House Tamar is in need of anything that can help to furnish the safe haven, and Andrews still needs to acquire some climbing gear, should anyone wish to contribute.

She will leave for Ecuador on Christmas Day, and start climbing on December 27. “I hope to reach the summit on New Year’s morning, greeting 2018’s first sunrise from the top of a volcano!”

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