Video: 2 Black Mambas Fighting on Golf Course

And last week, she had a bit of trouble finishing up her golf game when the 14th hole was a bit occupied, by mambas!

“I drove up a small rise and saw movement out of the corner of my eye. At first glance, I thought it was a spitting cobra that had its hood up, but after a closer inspection, I then saw it was actually two mambas.

I quickly flagged the other 2 players in my four ball to slow down.”

Cara and the rest quickly realized that this was quite a rare sighting, so they paused the game and sat and watched the amazing sighting.
“We called the 4 ball behind us to also come and watch. I called my husband who was at the house to bring our son and to come and see too.”

Cara continued: “It was amazing to watch and seemed to go on for ages.
We debated about carrying on playing the hole, but after a little while longer, we decided to drive past them at a wide berth and go to the next hole.”

Just after the group had gone past the snakes that were going at it on the golf course, the snakes started looking a bit tired, they separated and slowly made their way back to the bush on the left-hand side of the hole.

Cara finished off by saying: “We found concentrating on golf quite difficult over the next few holes. I feel this was a once in a lifetime sighting. And so always make sure you have a camera on this golf course, there is always something exciting that can happen. I just wish I would have I had a better camera with me.”

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