Video: Turtles on the back of a moving “Rock”

“This video was taken in the afternoon. We came from Skukuza taking the H1-1 to Pretoriuskop and it was close to the “Transport” dam. At first we saw a bunch of turtles which were quite funny basking in the sun and swimming to what we thought was a rock. Then a hippo took out its head from the water and made us laugh because neither me nor my husband expected to see a hippo with 20 turtles on the back. An Impala herd was also there and Vervet monkeys around the tiny pond.” – Mademoisell Nell

This is just a short video to show how some Terrapin Turtles decided to have a joyride on a Hippo’s back.

Jonothan Hen-Boisen
Digital Content Creator

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