Reader’s letter: No prosecution a bad example

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The conservancy was on high alert and huge media hype created more awareness. Friday’s Lowvelder published a stern warning from the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency that the lions must not be approached or interfered with for any reason, with three emergency numbers, should they be seen.

Shame on the Mara farmer for shooting one and his tenant for wounding another.  Thereby creating a far bigger and more dangerous situation with a wounded lion at large.

The question remains: Is there proof that the authorities were contacted to deal with the situation before the trigger-happy men sprung into action, or not?

Residents where also aware of a highly skilled local vet, with the capacity to dart the lions, patrolling the area for a sighting. Sorry Tracey, your “Boulders blessing” turned into a nightmare and Betty, your escapees are not “safe and brought home”.

The Mara Conservancy should honour what it stands for. Not prosecuting lacks setting an example for the future.


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