Reader’s Letter: Patient disheartened by poor service

I write today to lament about the poor service I received from the Nelspruit Community Health Centre on Monday August 7 from a particular pregnant nurse who was attending to chronic patients.

I have collected my medication from the clinic for the full year I have been taking it. I truly always felt at home because there are people in the profession with the heart to help others and to see them recover, such as Mduduzi Khoza and Sis Khumalo.

Yet, there are those who joined the health profession to obtain a source of income – like the pregnant nurse who discriminates against patients.

On the day in question, I arrived at the clinic, early – at 05:00. However, she attended to all the other patients before me – I only received my medication around 15:30.

I am not the only one who was treated unfairly, but I was her main target that day for an unknown reason. I am still hurt because of that experience and I’m left wondering whether I will go through the same ordeal next month when I fetch my medication.


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