What to do during a veldfire

WoF firefighters keep busy this fire season-Sullivan Photography

For more information: More fires expected on Thursday as heat persists

WATCH VIDEO: Fires raging near Rosehaugh

  • Be vigilant, do not light any open fires and do not leave any fires unattended;
  • Contact the relevant authorities, as Working on Fire firefighters will remain on high alert and will be ready to provide firefighting services to landowners and municipalities;
  • In the event of fire, livestock should be moved out of grazing land to unbarred land/ploughed fields for safety;
  • If water is not available in sufficient quantities or at adequate pressure for the control of major fires; sand or other loose mineral soil material can be an effective method of control;
  • Contact the Consult and keep track of the daily Fire Danger Index (FDI) warnings issued by the South African Weather Service.

For more information: Fire safety tips

Working on Fire firefighters hard at work. Photo: Sullivan Photography


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