Bring Change Lowveld: Nora Fakude gives us some insight into her success

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Ms Nora Fakude, executive chairman of Buscor, is afraid to fail. Not so afraid that she will not start, but so afraid that she will not stop.

She has run the gamut in business during her hugely successful career, and has first-hand experience of going it alone.

Having to fight from the beginning, first to obtain an education and later to make a success of her business endeavours, she learned to make the most of the opportunities that came her way.

She has learnt to survive. “There was poverty and poverty and poverty. Out of that poverty, we learned to survive.”

When she left for school, there was nothing to take with her. Instead she started selling the cream she used. This assisted her mother in paying her fees and obtaining pocket money, or just to afford her transport home.

A general trend throughout her life story remains: nothing is easy. Once she achieved a manner of success it remained true: doing business is difficult.

A steadfast refusal to fail, for the sake of her children and her employees, has to a large extent kept her going.

Lizelle’s comments on Nora

My first impressions of Ms Fakude is that of a very caring, sweet Lady. But I had no idea of exactly how amazing she is! She believes in giving back to the community and does more than what is expected from one person. She is not just an amazing Business Woman, but also a very special person. It was an honour to meet her and spend some time with her; to see how many lives she is touching on a daily basis.

The lessons she shared with us:

  • You have to be able to achieve your goals first, be yourself and be happy. If this is not in place your Business cannot grow, because Business is all about people, and if you don’t know who you are, you cannot lead others.
  • Conduct your Business in such a way, that people admire you, and what you are about?
  • Do not try to do everything yourself. You cannot be a “Jack of all traits” AND be successful.
  • As soon as we start looking at people as “Capable”. You will have more time to yourself, and will have more capable people doing the tasks. We cannot be perfect at everything we do. Appoint the right people in the right positions, and the quality of your Business will improve.
  • I think the most important thing in Business is to acknowledge them. And motivate them in special ways.
  • Listen to what they have to say; listen to their ideas. Sometimes they know more about your Business than what you do?
  • Do something special for them, get a motivational Speaker to come and visit them, help them to improve and teach them new things.
  • BUSCOR takes 30 matriculates every year; and train them as Bus Drivers. We currently take in more woman than men.
  • Even the Mechanical positions we are currently training more woman than men. All part of our drive to empower woman.
  • BUSCOR also partnered with day care centres, where we assist them to teach and feed these children. We are feeding more than 1100 children per day at the moment.
  • We identified woman in the communities that we can pay monthly, and they assist to cook and assist in feeding the children.
  • We also brought the elderly to these children, so that they can assist each other. Older people have the ability to identify problems in children, and then point out issues that we might not see? They become “Grannies” to these lonely children and help us to look after them


  • Yes, absolutely. We have to get more involved.
  • Business must assist in bringing a new level of knowledge and appreciation to the communities.
  • We think that helping 1 or 3 people does not really make a difference. But these people also touch other people and so forth.
  • By touching one life, you cause a ripple effect. Go out there and change the world; one person at a time.
  • BUSCOR established a Department that identify and assist with problems in the community. We build houses for needy people and so forth.


  • Firstly, you have to be focussed. You should be first in the office, and the last one to lock the door every day.
  • Yes, you can enjoy life. But never forget that you have a responsibility not just to yourself, but also to the people that work for you.
  • People look up to you. Never disappoint!
  • People can make you or break you. Be careful not to step on people in your efforts to get ahead. And never to burn bridges.
  • Never allow money to go to your head, and change you into a horrible person. Never forget where you came from. Never forget the people who loved you when you had nothing!
  • Believe in yourself and the task at hand. If somebody else could do it, so can you!

More information on Buscor

How many buses are in the Buscor fleet?
We have currently 424 buses in Buscor including the Semi Lux buses. Almost all are MAN HB4 buses with the exception of 12 HB3 buses which are our new Bi-Art buses. We are currently testing a Scania bus that is on Demo, and will be with us for a duration of six months for evaluation.

Photo credit: Ludwig Sevenster Photography

How many people travel with Buscor buses per month, per week and per day?
As per our Website, we transport more than 136000 passengers daily. I think I would rather leave that as is.

Photo credit: Ludwig Sevenster Photography

What security measurements are in place to ensure the safe traveling of your passengers?
In the instance of the security measure at the bus terminus, there is visible security in the terminus policing and monitoring the area. They do confiscate liquor from passengers, and I would like to believe that they do act in the best interests of the passengers to make the environment in the bus more relaxed than having the passengers tensed and volatile with a possible drunkard on the bus. The turnstiles at our terminus that allows access to the bus platform will only turn once a valid ticket is swiped, thus only passengers carrying valid tickets are allowed at the platform to board a bus to their destination. Our buses are inspected regularly to ensure that our fleet is in a good standard, the standard used is of the same as a vehicle that would get tested to at a vehicle testing station, a road worthiness test if you will. Our vehicles are serviced in accordance to mileage traveled, kilometer service, as well as a bi-yearly service that takes place in the month that a vehicle would go for a road worthiness test.

  • Our buses are governed at 85KM/h to avoid over speeding.
  • We have a tracking system that assist us to monitor over speeding and reckless driving
  • Each bus has its life history (special file).
  • We are busy with the installation of surveillance cameras in our buses to ensure safety of our passengers as well as that of our drivers.

Photo credit: Ludwig Sevenster Photography

What is the most important value that Buscor lives by?

The value that is most important within Buscor is, “To be a Safe, Reliable and Affordable transport to our passengers and communities”

The model around Bring Change Africa is built on the principle where influential business men and women, shares their knowledge and experience which is built on a local methodology, with a chosen entrepreneur that acts as a mentee.  Bring Change Africa supports projects at a critical early stage of their development and act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs by building a community that can accelerate the impact of forward-thinking projects, ideas and people. We build close relationships with experts across sectors that understand and support’s the importance of a growth mindset.Enter your business or proof of concept and you could be chosen as the 2018 mentee to enjoy a mentoring journey with some of the Lowveld’s most influential. Read more about our organisation on or visit

Photo credits: Ludwig Sevenster Photography


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