BREAKING NEWS: Farm attack near Barberton

BARBERTON – A 60 year-old man, who is a foreman on a farm, was attacked and robbed by five suspects last night.  Owner of the farm, Eddie Venter said the men had first broken the fence of the neighbour’s farm to get through. “They ambushed him at the back door when he went to let his animals out.”

The attackers tied his hands behind his back with cable ties, held a pillow against his head and pointed a gun at him. “He heard a shot go off but he wasn’t harmed.”

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The foreman opened the safe for them. The suspects took  a .308 and a .357 rifle and a .38 revolver.  They also stole an iPad and two cell phones.  The men then took the foreman into the bathroom and tied him to the bath taps with his belt. They also tied his feet together.

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Venter said at the scene they found blood stains. “We suspect they shot one of their own by accident.”

This is a developing story. Lowvelder will update as more information becomes available.

Tereasa Dias

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