Real life problems for people who always feel cold

  1. 15″Hate” is an understatement on how you feel about the aircon.

You have been many fights and willing to get involved in many more because of the office air-conditioner. In fact you could find and hide the remote, the world would be a better and peaceful place.


2. Your jacket is your best friend.

You have grown to no longer mind the stares people give you for wearing your jacket to warm places. In fact, your outfit is never complete without your thick jacket.

3. 30 is your favourite number

Degrees, that is. Anything below it is a no-no. The hotter the better.

4. You love your car after work.

What is better than the inside of your hot car after sitting in a cold office the whole day? Nothing. It is the best feeling in the world. You wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything and that is why you spend and extra 10 minutes in there before you drive away. It is to be savoured.

5. “Hate” is an understatement on how you feel about winter.

Man with scarf keeps himself warm

It is a pain we shall not speak about. Moving on

6. “Love” is an understatement on how you feel about summer.

You would spend all day in the sun if you could, but sun burn and melanomas are real. Not even the dark skinned girls are spared. Also, the bills need to be paid, so you have to go to work and face the dreaded air-conditioner.

7. People always think you are over-exaggerating.

They just don’t understand and you have made peace with that.

8. Fashion trends can miss you.

And you have made peace with this fact. Many of these trends require you to wear less clothing. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!! Hypothermia is real.

Bombi Mavundza

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