7 negative effects a bad mattress can have on your health

The mattress that you sleep on plays a very important role in helping you fall and stay asleep. Your sleep may be uncomfortable if your mattress is too soft, too firm, not supportive enough or uncomfortable.

Lethargy (Drowsiness)

A poor night’s sleep will usually make you tired and drowsy. If the mattress that you sleep on is preventing you from falling asleep at night, it can affect your attentiveness. Now, one thing that everyone needs to know is that feeling a little sleepy during the afternoon and particularly late in the evening is normal, but early or extreme drowsiness is not normal at all. A bad mattress can make you feel unnaturally tired during the day and may affect your productivity at work.


If your back hurts, a lot and quite often, a low quality mattress can be a reason behind it because it may force you to sleep in an unnatural posture that twists and strains your back. You can injure your back if you twist awkwardly just to feel comfortable in your bed. In order to avoid such injuries, buy a soft but supportive mattress. One that lets you sleep comfortably on your back or side.

Memory Issues

The lack of peaceful sleep can cause your memory to fade away because proper sleep plays a fundamental role in creating and retaining memories. If you are sleep deprived then you not only fail to recall memories, but also fail to form new memories.

Joint Pains

Firm mattresses are usually perceived to be good for the posture, but in actual fact, they are more likely to cause more joint pain than softer mattresses. A firm mattress that provides support is good, but if you sleep on a mattress that is overly stiff, it will cause extra pressure on your bones. Hence leading towards joint soreness.

Heart Conditions

If you are not able to get eight hours of quality sleep every night because of a bad mattress then it can affect your cardiac health. According to a review published in the famous European Heart Journal, short sleepers have a 48% risk of developing cardiac disease. Not being able to get enough sleep can increase the risk of stroke and high blood pressure. Replacing your bad, unsupportive and uncomfortable mattress and spending an extra hour in bed can help avoid several serious heart diseases.

Asthma and Allergies

An old mattress can trigger asthma symptoms and allergic reactions in those with these conditions as some mattresses often contain dust mites and materials that can trigger allergic reactions. This can be particularly true of older mattresses, which are less likely to be made from hypoallergenic material. Purchasing a new mattress and covering it with a special mattress cover can cut back on these reactions and keep the bed from becoming infested with dust mites.

Weakened Immune System

You may have noticed that you often become sick when you do not sleep enough. A low quality sleep at home can harmfully affect your immune system, exposing you to fevers and other severe illnesses. In order to prevent such sicknesses, buy a mattress that gives you the comfort and support that you require to enjoy a great sleep.

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