Matric may be over but the challenges aren’t…

  1. Now that exams are over for matrics, what challenges do you believe they are facing?

  • Waking up and not having anything to do for the day. No more study schedules to follow, no structure to the day.
  • Maybe not having decided on what to do next.
  • Waiting for results – and they take so long!
  • Waiting to hear if you have been accepted into your selected course.
  • Pressure of not performing well, and maybe disappointing yourself and others who believe in you.

  1. What advice do you have for these students?

  • Remain active – you deserve a rest but you need to be doing things! Read, rest, be social. Try to get a few weeks of vacation work – it will give you a reason to get up in the morning, a chance to earn some money, and an opportunity to network. It’s also great for your mental health!
  • Go and do the Career Compass at Boston – it’s free, you can discuss the results with a career counsellor afterwards, and new opportunities will open up.
  • Be proactive for future studies – complete your free of charge Boston application, make inquiries and speak to counsellors.
  • Start creating a CV if you do not have one, keep a file with certificates and a record of all work you do.

  1. How does Boston address anxiety that students feel?

  • Boston has recognised students are always under pressure, mostly to perform academically, as well as from environmental factors (such as home life, finances, siblings, social issues and maybe romance issues). So, we created a wellness blog where we interact with students, give advice, and try mentor students to mental and emotional wellness. Everyone needs a helping hand and a listening ear. If you feel you don’t have anyone who will hear you out – call Lifeline (0861 322 322).
  • Give social media a break! It makes you feel inferior. It makes you feel that everyone has a better life than you, more exciting, more friends, more social activities – this is NOT true. Put down your phone and go out with a real live person.

  1. Can you really say that everything will be OK when you don’t know what student results will be?

  • I have been at Boston for 28 years. I have seen people fly and do so well – people who were once homeless start businesses, people, who, in their own words, have “been breaking shop windows”, get degrees. So yes, I believe there is always a way for everyone. We can find a route to success in the work environment. We want to work with students and show them options. We cannot all be doctors. South Africa also needs entrepreneurs, events managers, people to lead tours and fix network problems. There is a lot out there and the next best step is to speak to a counsellor and find out what your plan A, plan B and plan C options are. Then, when you get your results, you will be calm because no matter what, there is a plan in place.

Enquiries: Boston Nelspruit on 013 752 4560 or


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