9 proven ways to a successful career

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Saraha Koster is an entrepreneur at heart, with a desire to make a difference in the world. She is strategic, with a unique combination of analytical, sales, marketing and management skills that have given her the edge to create 5 successful businesses  in the IT, hospitality, wholesale and retail sectors.

Sarah is active in community projects such as Gugulito School, Hospices and Grip, and is also a keen supporter of the arts.

In 2005 her dream became a reality when she opened Mica Nelspruit. This store is different because in essence it’s a women’s hardware store, but is loved by all clients with its unique concept. Mica Nelspruit is a shop within a shop that stocks art, interior décor, garden, general hardware, pet and paint products.

Image by Ludwig Sevenster Photography

Here are Sarah’s tips on reaching your career goals:

1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained:

This advice was given to me by one of my very first Managers in my career, when I worked for the Rhodesian Railways. I did not have enough experience, but took a chance on something. This changed my career at that moment and I have used this advice often before in my life. Never doubt your abilities, take a chance!

2. Just do it:

If you expect greatness, it will find you. Picture that dream in full Technicolor. You will find that there is never a right time or a right place. If you want excuses, there will be enough of them around; but your opportunity might just go knocking on another door!

3. Believe:

Many years ago we wanted to build a Church hall, but did not have any money. One day our Minister said we had to start digging the foundation. When he was questioned, he simply said “Have faith!!

The hall was built, and money just came in at the time it was required. If you trust 100%, Miracles will happen…

Image by Ludwig Sevenster Photography

4. Cultivate gratitude:

I learned to journal; three pages done early in the morning. They are about everything that crosses your mind, and for your eyes only. Spend time with your own thoughts and clarify your ideas.

5. Trust your instincts:

Take time to listen to yourself and hear when your instincts warn you, and if you get a warning don’t question it, act on it! The answer will come later…

6. You can do anything:

My Mom used to say, “If someone else can do it, so can you!”

I was brought up to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. Sometimes it takes a bit longer; and there are times that you fail, and then have to try again.

7. Girlfriends:

Don’t ever lose touch with your Girlfriends. The older you get, the more you will need them in your life. Our girlfriends can’t save us; for only God can do that. But girlfriends can make a tragedy bearable.

They are your biggest cheerleaders, your support and your backbone. Look after them; they will give your life meaning.

Image by Ludwig Sevenster Photography

8. Integrity:

Your moral compass will be tested along the way via ethical dilemmas. Let your morals guide you when temptation comes up.

Your integrity means you will act on principle, even if the cost is high

9. Risk failure:

Vulnerability is not only fear, grief and disappointment. It is the birthplace of everything: Creativity, Joy, Faith, Love and Innovation. There can be no innovation and creativity without failure!

Lizelle’s feedback on the session:

Take that scary first step; and see what happens! A very clever man once told me that when you get in your car at night to drive home, you can always only see the next 15 metres in front of you. You cannot get into your car and expect to see your destination from there… Get in, take the first step and deal with every 15 metres as it comes. Your end destination will appear! Safe Journey and always remember to enjoy the ride!

Everything we ever wanted is on the other side of fear!

Sarah is an exceptional woman. She has a heart of gold and an eye for everything that is beautiful! She is strong and determined, but very humble at the same time. She knows where her strength comes from, and this makes her an amazing woman to be around! She will always be a Mentor to me; and I have learned a lot from her today! Thank you Sarah.

Image by Ludwig Sevenster Photography

The model around Bring Change Africa is built on the principle where influential business men and women, shares their knowledge and experience which is built on a local methodology, with a chosen entrepreneur that acts as a mentee. Bring Change Africa supports projects at a critical early stage of their development and act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs by building a community that can accelerate the impact of forward-thinking projects, ideas and people. We build close relationships with experts across sectors that understand and support’s the importance of a growth mindset.

Enter your business or proof of concept and you could be chosen as the 2018 mentee to enjoy a mentoring journey with some of the Lowveld’s most influential. Read more about our organisation on www.bringchangeafrica.org or visit http://bringchangeafrica.org/areas/south-africa/lowveld



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