Finding the right studying technique

This kind of teaching will stimulate student’s skills, and it will stay with them for a long time even after their school days. Here are some great tips to improve your academic performance.

Here are the Golden Rules every student should follow:

Pay Attention in Class

Paying attention in class is a good habit. Attending classes every day is one of the ways to improve your knowledge if you want to get good results at the end of the year. You must interact with your teacher and participate in classroom discussions and students must avoid distractions and stay focused in class. If you skip your class, you will miss all the important assignments and other school-related work. “Your discipline determines your success” is something my science teacher once told me during my high school days and it really changed my attitude and discipline. Attending classes regularly and paying attention will help you to get better results at the end of the day.

Take Notes

Note taking is one of the essential study skills, but something that most students don’t like doing nowadays. I was once told that it is easier to remember something that you drafted as it helps in jogging your memory while studying or preparing for your exams. Don’t write everything the teacher says, but rather write the most important things and those that you don’t understand for you to be able to get different explanations for them from different sources. Spend time listening try to understand the teacher in class and then take notes. Use different color pens to highlight your questions, terms that you don’t understand and definitions so that when you have free time, you can read through them and review your notes with your classmates.

Study Daily

First, find a comfortable place to study, make a schedule and organize your studies. While you are studying, avoid getting distracted by social media or your cellphone or anything that might shift your focus from your main goal (studying). When you are about to start a topic, refer to the syllabus and make notes of everything you have studied and refer to past exam papers, tests, projects, assignments or any other sources that might help you. Review your notes every day.

Learning Style

We are all different. Each one of us has different academic strengths and weaknesses. Draw up a SWOT Analysis where you look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – this will make your study time more effective. Some students like to study with their friends while others like self-study. It’s advisable to learn in groups because you will help each other to learn effectively. This is something that I loved from an early age until tertiary institution and it proved to work very well and produced excellent results. Discussion boards are also an excellent way to understand the subject and find out your learning style to improve your academic performance and work around that.

Ask Questions

Ask your teacher to help you with your learning style. Sometimes you don’t know how to find the answers for different problems or develop skills and techniques to find the solutions. In this situation, you must ask and clarify your questions with your teacher. Get feedback from them frequently as it allows you to improve yourself.


This article was sponsored by Mathews Phosa College.

You can contact them telephonically on 013 733 3224 or via email at [email protected]. You can also visit their Website or Facebook Page.


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