UPDATE: Wimpy says that claims of food tampering are untrue

Wimpy i’langa Mall has just released a statement, in which it states that no evidence of food tampering was found, following an in depth investigation.

Wimpy i’langa Mall confirmed the following:

A customer complaint did occur in the restaurant on September 7. The issue later appeared on social media, and this was followed by accusations of food tampering, although these
accusations did not come from the complainant himself. The original Facebook post has subsequently
been deleted.

The Wimpy area Franchise Manager visited the restaurant within hours of the event occurring and has
compiled a report on the issues experienced by the customer.

A full investigation into the allegation of food tampering was immediately launched by Wimpy i’langa
Mall, including analysis of CCTV footage and extensive staff interviews. Wimpy i’langa Mall has not
found any evidence to suggest that food tampering took place.

“We are committed to customer welfare and maintaining the highest possible food quality standards
with every meal,” said Sarel Celliers, Wimpy i’langa Mall Franchisee. “We take allegations of
misconduct extremely seriously, and we investigate immediately. The customer clearly had a negative
experience, and we will be taking action to improve in the areas of concern he identified. When it
comes to food tampering, however, we cannot find any evidence to substantiate the ideas circulated
on social media. I am confident that our restaurant operates at the highest ethical standards and will
keep doing so in the future.”

Lowvelder previously reported that Wimpy in i’langa Mall recently came under fire after a customer alleged on social media, that her husband’s food was spiked with a substance similar to faeces, this past weekend.

The customer, Mildri Parker Potgieter, was adamant to prove that it was intentionally placed there and took to social media. Even though it seems like neither the post, nor her profile exists anymore, a screenshot was taken and has been spreading like wildfire.

She gave no reason for the waiters’ actions, and alleged that the staff laughed of sheer joy, and “bragged” about how “they caught a white man”.

Even though she reminded other customers that these incidents happen very seldom and are isolated, the screenshot of her post on social media sparked a massive reaction and potential and existing customers across South Africa, vowed to never visit this, or any other Wimpy branch again.

Wimpy said in an official statement that it has launched a full investigation into the allegations relating to food tampering.

“As a business, we can assure you that we have strict operational policies and procedures in place to ensure that our restaurants uphold the highest standards of food quality and safety. Due to the seriousness of this allegation, all parties involved, along with head office are working together to investigate every element. Based on the findings, we will take the appropriate actions. We appreciate your patience during this time,” the report stated.

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