Girl bites off alleged rapist’s tongue

NELSPRUIT – A 16 year old girl bit off the tongue of her alleged rapist. Mr Sipho Sello Milazi Mokoena (35) appeared  for trial in the Nelspruit sexual offences court on Tuesday.

He is accused of raping a 16 year-old girl on February 26, 2012.

The girl testified in court that she had been walking to go buy bananas in Swalala. On the way there, Mokoena and a friend stopped her. She said he hit her in her face and indicated that his friend had a firearm.

The girl then stated that he took her into the bush where he proceeded to rape her.  She said when he had her on the ground and was raping her, she bit his tongue and fought him off her.

The defence for Mokoena  cross examined the girl and stated that the accused had said she was a prostitute that he had met at a tavern.  The defence stated the accused said the victim had attacked him when he didn’t want to pay her the money for the illicit transaction.

Yet despite this, Mr Vincent Sipho Nkosi  who lived near the crime scene, testified that on the day in question he had found the victim with hardly any clothes on covered in blood and shaking with fear.

“She was frightened and shaking.”  He said seeing her condition, he asked another neighbour to take the girl to the nearest hospital.

The trial was postponed until February 3.  Mokoena remains in custody.

Tereasa Ferrari

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