Muti murder trial : Six year old victim alive while body parts cut off

NELSPRUIT – Shocking revelations of how a six year-old girl’s tongue, heart and intestines were cut out of her while she was still alive was revealed when a muti murder trial resumed.  This after Judge Collin Lamot ruled in favour of the state after a trial within a trial n the circuit of the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday.

The accused, Ms Thabile Mnisi (29), Ms Stella Sibongile Mnisi (46) and Mr Sifiso Wonder Vilakazi (21), appeared on charges of murder, kidnapping and the business proposition of selling children for their body parts on Monday.

Despite the state stating that they had had a witness seeing Thabile take the child to the river. Lamot discharged her as he said the state had not enough evidence against her.  

The horrific crime had occurred on April 21, 2009 at Masibekela Trust in the Nkomazi subregion.

They are accused of the brutal murder and mutilation of Dimaksu Shabangu (6).

Ms Stella Mnisi testified in court that she had said in her statement that the child’s tongue, heart and intestines had been cut out and after that she had died,the body was then put into a plastic bag.   

She stated she was told to say this by her co-accused Vilikazi under instruction by police as she had viewed the body with the police when they had found the child in the river.  Mnisi said she had been part of the community policing forum and she said  she felt she should never have helped the police.

Mnisi was arrested for the crime after the community had alerted the police.   

Lt Col John Madonsela also testified in court about the pointing out on where Vilikazi had shown the police where they had killed the child and put her body in a bag and then taken her to the river. He said the accused had also shown him where they had burnt the bag afterwards.  

Lamot also barred the media from publishing the photos due to the sensitive matter of the trial.

Last week in court, Ms Goodness Mahlalela (33) the mother of the deceased, she had left her daughter with Thabile who was her neighbour, to go and harvest morogo. When she returned the accused said that she had gone out and when she came back the daughter and her own two children had left. Mahlalela stated that she then assumed the child had gone to her father.

The following day she and the accused went to the father’s house, only to find that her daughter had not been there. They then went to the elders. Mahlalela testified that when an elder asked Thabile about the child, she replied that she had not killed her.

Her body was found five days after she was reported missing floating in a nearby river. The left hand had been severed, her tongue cut out and there was an incision from her navel to the end of her buttocks. The private parts had also been removed.

The trial continues.  

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