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Bring Change Lowveld: Nora Fakude gives us some insight into her success

As part of the Bring Change Lowveld programme, executive chairman of Buscor Nora Fakude shares some more information on Buscor with us

Bring Change Lowveld: Oupa Pilane’s advice on being successful

Mr Oupa Pilane, one of the mentors in the Bring Change Lowveld programme, has devised a model with which he addresses the little things many an entrepreneur overlooks, and which can make all the difference between ultimate success and failure.

Lisa Sheard shares some of her secrets to success with Bring Change Lowveld

Lizelle Grobler, winner of Bring Change Lowveld 2017 got to spend an afternoon with her fifth mentor, Lisa Sheard, to get some of her tips to success.

Top tips for business success – by Bring Change Lowveld mentor Leon Doyer

Lizelle Grobler, winner of Bring Change Lowveld 2017 had her latest business mentorship session with Leon Doyer.

Bring Change Lowveld: Robin Jansma shares his recipe for success

Lizelle Grobler, winner of of Bring Change Lowveld 2017, spent an afternoon with Robin Jansma, local radio station manager, public personality, MC and business guru recently.

Quinton Coetzee’s 10 pointers to business success

Lizelle Grobler, winner of Lowveld Bring Change 2017 got to spend some time with international business speaker, Quinton.

Gathering a strong team a secret to success

Building a good team is the secret to a successful business venture. This was one of the lessons gleaned by Bring Change Lowveld winner for 2017, Ms Lizelle Grobler, from KMI Airport's (KMI) Mr Hugo Stroud.

Meet Lizelle Grobler, winner of Bring Change Lowveld 2017

Grobler seeks to benefit women and children who have suffered from abuse.

Get your adventure fix in the Lowveld

Take a week to explore your adventurous side with a package that is sure to give you all the thrills you could ever hope for.

Matrics: Win a 3-day bush rage for you and five friends this December

Break the mould by bundu bashing your way into adulthood with a bush celebration.

Ilanga’s new retail wing open for business

The expansion is now just over halfway with its major redevelopment and the excitement among shoppers is already building.

Four ways to ensure the safety of your online business

Cyber crime and selling of personal information are escalating. Secure yourself and your customers.

Economic challenges addressed

Approximately 50 people, comprising primarily entrepreneurs, attended the dinner where a panel of experts in business addressed them.

South African Council for Business Women makes city proud again

The branch produced a national winner and two runners up.

Meat prices expected to increase before December

South Africans tend to increasingly celebrate by eating red meat, but meat prices are expected to rise by at least nine to 15 per cent from now.

Four ways to secure a financially sound future as a woman

As a woman, you need to juggle work, family, your personal life and everything in-between, but who is going to take care of you in the long run?

Leaders must learn to unleash the potential in their employees

Leadership development and organisational change expert Christo Nel shares how to rethink existing ways of running businesses.

DIY: How to boost the value of your property

Get the know-how on taking the first steps to becoming a seasoned DIYer, while also increasing the value of your property.

Entrepreneurial spirit pays off: Lowveld businesswoman rubs shoulders with the Bransons

The Bring Change Lowveld mentorship programme comes to a close with the winner's visit to the head office of Virgin Group in London.

Bring Change Lowveld winner shares her most valuable tips

For 25 weeks Ms Phephsile Maseko has been mentored by some of the Lowveld's best business brains. Here she shares the most important lessons she took away from it.

Rise above the competition with high quality signage

Signs tell potential customers what your business does and who you are. This is a critical marketing tool for any business.

Be vigilant – anyone can fall victim to a scam

DirectAxis offers advice against new scam known as whaling.

Your business needs to sustain itself – you come second

Bring Change Lowveld mentor Mr Kerneels Kruger shares the 10 most important lessons he has learned in business.

Prior planning is crucial for success in business

Bring Change Lowveld mentor and owner of five Chicken Licken stores Mr Hennie Snyman shares the 10 things he has found to be essential in business.

How to use direct selling to your advantage

Regional director of Avroy Shlain Cosmetics in Mpumalanga and Bring Change Lowveld mentor Ms Karen du Preez shares the 10 things she has learnt in starting a business with nothing.

Seven things every young person must know about money

In celebrating Youth Day, African Bank offers these tips to empower youth people.

Having good people on your side can help an entrepreneur a lot

As part of the Bring Change Lowveld programme, mentor Hendrik Pretorius shares the 10 things which have helped him become a successful entrepreneur.

Be afraid to fail – it leads to success

As part of the Bring Change Lowveld programme, executive chairman of Buscor Nora Fakude shares the 10 things she has learnt on her journey to success.

Kom klop aan die sakekamer se deur

Past. TJ Maré is onlangs tot die Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism (KLCBT) se voorsitter verkies.

Spread the word that you are in business

Bring Change Lowveld mentor Ms Irma Green shares 10 pointers to marketing your business.

Entries are open for SACBW’s annual Businesswoman of the Year Awards

There are only a few weeks left to enter for the annual Businesswoman of the Year Awards. Entries close on May 31.

Invest in people to let your business grow

As a Bring Change Lowveld mentor, Mr Ig Olivier shares 10 things which he warns do not ensure success in themselves, but will certainly help you to achieve what you want.

Be sure of what you want and chase it to succeed

As part of the Bring Change Lowveld Programme Mr Gerhard de Bruin from Nelspruit Brake & Clutch shares the 10 things he considers to be essential in achieving success.

How to survive in the fiercely competitive online marketplace

The pathway for consumer journeys is steadily becoming more digitised and brands may be required to ump through new digital hoops to understand the audience of 2020.

Respect a key ingredient in attaining success

As part of the Bring Change Lowveld Programme Hotel Numbi & Garden Suites' Mr Willem Fick shares the 10 ingredients needed in the recipe for success.

Poor prospects for employment for 2016

Bank predicts that lower commodity prices and the effects of the ongoing drought will weigh on employment prospects in 2016.

Viewing clients and employees as family the secret to success

Quality people who are passionate about what you want to achieve as a business will always be successful

Bring Change Lowveld: Partnerships don’t have to be sinking ships

Mr Riaan Loubser and Mr Gerald Danilowitz, co-owners of Unigrad College, share their top 10 pieces of advice as part of the Bring Change Lowveld programme.

Teamwork holds the key to success in business

Bring Change Lowveld mentor shares his 10 insights into growing a successful company.

Uptake of hospital plans increase despite budgets getting tighter

Alternatives to the increasing chunk medical aids is taking out of household income are actively being adopted.

Opgewondenheid oor Deeghuys sy deure oopmaak

Diegene wat Deeghuys ken, is kennelik dol daaroor en die produkte verkoop hulself.

Trappers vestig nuwe visie by uitgebreide Crossing-sentrum

Vir alle noodsaaklike buiteluggereedskap en -klerasie het Trappers Vrydag 1 April by die nuwe vleuel van Crossing-sentrum oopgemaak.

How to crack the personality code to minimise inefficiency in business

To help you put the edge back in your business, the GEC is hosting another of its twice-yearly networking sessions and workshops with the famed David Wilkinson next week.

Get simple, effective exposure for your business with signs

Everything you need to know about this essential marketing tool for your business.

Business manager shares how to aim for the stars

Mr SW Engelbrecht, general manager of Sappi Ngodwana Mill, shares the things that help create wealth for Bring Change Lowveld.

The do’s and don’ts of car finance: Do your homework first

Leasing instead of buying a vehicle is gaining popularity in South Africa.

Entrepreneur advises: ‘Talk to everybody’

Prolific businessman and Bring Change Lowveld mentor, Dr Mathews Phosa shares his general advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Play to your strengths to realise success in business

Henri Pieters shares his advise on running a successful business as part of the Bring Change Lowveld mentorship programme.

Self-defence techniques to keep you safe at home

Do you feel safe in your home? With the new programme Rio Grappling Lowveld Club (RGLC) is offering, locals can feel more at ease in their community.

Finding funds: Don’t let a lack of money stand in your business’ way of success

Bring Change Lowveld mentor and managing director of Ulusha Projects, Mr Nick Elliot shares sound business principles and practices.












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