VIDEO: Mongoose uses snake as a swing

Everyone enjoys a bit of time on a swing every now and then. Seems this mongoose was a thrill-seeking one too. Nothing like burning off the calories before the meal has even begun… Video courtesy of Kruger Sightings’ YouTube channel.

VIDEO: Wait for it…

As a few unsuspecting buck pass by this incredibly well-camouflaged predator, one of them was about to meet their fateful end… Video courtesy of Kruger Sightings’ YouTube channel

City of Mbombela boasts some excellent businesses

Lowvelder’s Best of Mbombela Readers’ Choice Awards proved more popular than ever this year, with almost double the number of readers voting for their favourite establishments in town.

VIDEO: Rhino charges car in KNP

Shortly after charging towards the white car in the begining of the video, the Rhino charged towards the grey Audi and nearly smashes into it! Video courtesy of Kruger National Park’s YouTube channel.

VIDEO: “Mayweather” vs “McGregor”

In the who’s who of the boxing world we would like to proudly present our very own Mayweather versus McGregor of the animal kingdom. Video courtesy of Kruger Sightings’ YouTube channel.

VIDEO: Hippos Come to Rescue Wildebeest from Crocodile

Timing is everything when visiting Kruger… 72-year-old pensioner, Mervyn Van Wyk and his wife Tokkie, understand just how lucky they were to be in the right place at the right time! Video courtesy of Kruger SIghtings’ YouTube channel

VIDEO: Curious Hyena Bites Car Side Mirror

“The encounter happened on one of the main roads near the Paul Kruger gate during a morning game drive on 24 July 2017.” Video courtesy of Kruger National Parks’ YouTube channel.