Feel-good Friday tune

It’s the weekend baby! And there’s nothing better than to start your Friday off with a happy tune that will get your fingers snapping, those toes tapping and maybe even get your hips swaying a little.

VIDEO: Elephant shows police who lays down the law in Kruger

We all like to think that we’re “boss” from time to time, but this ellie was making sure everyone knew who was in charge, and even our local police force got a taste of the telling off… Video courtesy of Kruger Sightings’ YouTube channel.

Family shares their intimate moment

A female and her three pups walked onto the tar road, where the mother lay down in the middle of the road to let her pups drink from her.

VIDEO: Baby rhino discovers snow

The baby rhino enjoyed discovering snow for the first time! Keepers brought a small pile into holding for her to play in after it snowed. Video courtesy of Blank Park Zoo’s YouTube channel