Numsa strike dissolves into violence and fires

 A prolonged strike at Malelane Stene’s factory turned violent on Monday morning and led to the managing director appearing in court. Mr Hendrik van Dyk was initially charged with attempted murder, but the case has since been struck off the court roll.

IEC warns of an email scam

These emails and this website are fake and have nothing to do with the Electoral Commission.

Be on the lookout!

It is believed that the truck and driver might be in the Lowveld.

Four rights to remember if you get arrested

The Constitution’s Bill of Rights and the Criminal Procedure Act offer a reasonable set of circumstances to those who find themselves in trouble. Know your rights!

Public safety a greatly neglected sector

Making sure people are safe involves more than just policing. Here are a few other public safety career options to consider if you want to make a difference in your community.