Off the cuff with Geoff Kennell

My Hero

My father gagged on his imported sherry, “Get out, you…you…you ruffians…GET OUT!!!”

Throwing the bones…

Of course I laughed. “It`s that skeleton you keep in the closet, Joan, give it a day or two, he`ll be sleeping on your bed.”

Bringing in the sheaves

“Let us give thanks to the Lord and sing `All Good Things Around us are Sent from Heaven Above’. Page 64 in Ancient and Modern, and Heaven knows what in the Songs of Praise for Modern Living!”

Flying high

Here, let me explain that Jack had a private aircraft, a Cessna 172, and as the roads were just about impassable during the rainy season, Jack would fly in provisions and liquor almost every week
peril on the sea

Those in peril

What`s it been, four years since Jill passed away and you`ve done nothing to fill the hole she left

Blind Date

It was music that saved the day for Katherine and her love.

The rising sap

Pressing the piece of scented paper to his lips, he remembered the touch of dear Dulcie`s hand on his at communion.
Key hole

Entrance barred – A Short story

A look of absolute horror showed on Prudence`s face as she realised that she was staring at a photograph of a completely nude and very voluptuous young woman.
Grandfather and granddaughter

Fatal extraction

Bubbling over with a pure zest for life, Debbi and I fed the ducks on the lake, explored an old car wreckage and gambled on who could produce the loudest whistle.

Mr Angel

Settled in seats F9 and 10 they both fastened their seat belts. Ten minutes later and with the passenger count verified, Miranda heard the aircraft’s main entry door thud shut.
old man

Reflections of my misspent youth

I did a quick mental calculation. It had been close to 60 years since my feet last strode this pavement. They were smaller then of course…

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