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Things to remember during an emergency

Things to remember during an emergency

In just about any emergency, the following very important things will help you to better cope with your circumstances:
1. Always remain calm, use common sense, and give yourself time to think before you act.
2. Make sure you know where all emergency exits and gathering points are located at buildings you frequent.
3. Save your battery life on your phone. You don’t know how often and for what you might need it in an emergency.
4. Never enter elevators during an emergency. If you do get stuck in an elevator during an emergency, do not try to force open the elevator. Look for an emergency or alarm button. Most elevators have one.

During a robbery always stick to these guidelines:
1. Always cooperate and give the person what they are asking for, not more.
2. Try to notice distinguishing traits and features like race, height, weight, age, eye color, facial hair, or other identifying features such as scars, moles or tattoos.
3. Pay attention to the weapon the person is using.
4. Listen to their voice for distinguishing characteristics or accents.
5. Take note of the direction they head in after the confrontation. If possible record colour, model and registration of any vehicle used.
6. When it is safe to do so, notify the police immediately and make notes of everything you are able to remember.

7. Always make sure that you have a list of emergency numbers handy, click on this link below to get a free printable list of local emergency numbers.

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There are many kinds of emergencies which can range from something as simple as a broken toilet, to something as severe as a house robbery. Why not try one of these companies the next time you have a volatile situation on your hands.

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